A smile is never lost on anyone

As the months with Covid-19 continue with one wave after another, I noticed that some people on the streets were not looking happy in spite of the fact that we are not in lockdown like so many other places.

I wondered whether they were being affected by anxiety or depression especially as I have heard that there are many mental health issues at the moment and I admit that I am also having to struggle not to get carried away by such feelings.

I therefore decided that I would consciously try to smile more to passers-by and hopefully this will encourage them to smile back and feel better.

A couple of weeks passed and a lady who distributes communion in church stopped to talk to my husband and I as we were out walking. We hardly know her but she was keen to talk about how she is spending her day in these unusual times. We both listened and then thanked her for sharing. She seemed happy and then turned on me and said ‘Keep on smiling!’

I realised that my smiling had not gone unnoticed and decided to share my experience with others like me who live for a united world. They seemed to like the idea, so now we will hopefully have even more people smiling on the streets.


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