Give and it will be given to you

“Dare to Care” – Experiences related to the Covid-19 situation that we are living as a nation and globally.

I quickly put the thought aside
I have four grandchildren – two of them are aged 20 but still studying. One was doing part-time work in a restaurant, but due to the pandemic, the restaurant closed and he ended up without any work. We rent out an apartment and we were using the rent money to support our grandchildren, particularly now that they were jobless.

As soon as the pandemic started, one of the tenants asked me if he could delay paying rent for a few months. My grandchildren immediately came to mind, but I quickly put this thought aside when I remembered that my neighbours are my brothers and sisters, and that I had to be sensitive to everyone’s needs. I spoke to my husband and we agreed that we should give preference to our tenants. We agreed not to charge rent as long as the Covid-19 situation remained as it was. This decision filled me with great joy.


Give and it will be given to you
During the month of March I learned that a young woman from Eastern Europe living in Malta was in difficulty as she had to vacate her apartment. We have an apartment that we usually rent out, but it just so happened that it was available during that time. I talked to my husband and he was happy that this person could stay there rent-free until she found another job. I arranged to meet her to give her the keys but I was a little apprehensive, also because there was the fear of contracting the coronavirus. But with great confidence in the love of God, I was able to overcome all this, and when I met her, I felt truly happy.

In actual fact, I had to quit my part-time job because of the coronavirus restrictions, but lots of providence arrived during this time. Our damaged car was repaired for free, some money arrived unexpectedly from my parents as well as other financial help. It’s true that God can never be outdone in generosity.


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