I understood in a new way God’s great love for us

One of our friends, from the Fratenity of Charles de Foucauld, relates:

“It was quite early in the morning when I heard the phone ringing. When I answered, I found that it was one of the Jesuit fathers asking for my help as a nurse; two fathers in his community were tested positive for the corona virus. That night before I went to bed, I asked Jesus to make use of me according to His will. He was quick in answering my prayer. And as in reality there was nothing to hold me back, I could respond to his call; I felt that at this time of the pandemic I had to put aside my aches and pains and help to ease the suffering of those around me. Although some family members were not very happy about my decision as they were afraid of the danger caused by the virus, I started going to this community to give my help.

I found out that help was really needed, and I began to give my service as best as I could, seeing to medicines, food and other health needs. This time I did not have to go far to a mission land in a distant country to serve; I was serving in a place where missionaries who had worked for years in various countries around the world, were now in a tiny room, alone, away from the life they were accustomed to. Their gratitude, their silence, their smile, spoke and led me to reflect. I felt that God was speaking to me and my heart was filled with joy and peace.

I lived a very special experience. Divine Providence revealed itself to me even through the Christmas presents donated by some of my friends who were happy to join in this adventure of love for others. I understood in a new way God’s great love for us; I realised that He came to dwell among us to show us that path of love – a path often lived in silence – that makes us all truly one family. I can say: I felt my life being renewed in silence!

R.F (Malta)

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