We went through six weeks of discouragement

I had just returned from our Mariapolis gathering, held between 6 to 8 March 2020, feeling encouraged to live the spirituality of unity. However, when I arrived home, there was a new development which I absolutely wasn’t expecting… it was something I knew nothing about and which filled me with fear.

My husband had just arrived from London. He had contracted the coronavirus. We went through six weeks of discouragement, fear, isolation, loneliness, long periods of silence. He needed to be hospitalised and I still remember the moment the ambulance came to pick him up and I was left alone at home. I cried a lot and I withdrew into myself feeling a great sense of anxiety.

It was a grace when he returned home! His time of quarantine had started. He had to stay alone in his room.

Today, April 21, is the 46th anniversary of our wedding; tomorrow is the end of the quarantine period! What a joy! What a wonderful gift from Jesus and Mary!

I lived a veritable trauma, but I lived it with Jesus Forsaken and Mary Desolate. During Holy Week, Easter Sunday, the Feast of Divine Mercy, I prayed incessantly. Throughout this time, I felt the love and support of all those with whom I live the spirituality of unity. This gave me the courage to continue to embrace Jesus Forsaken. I re-read much of what Chiara wrote in the book “The Cry”; I felt her closeness and so I turned to her asking her to intercede for my husband’s recovery.

Some years ago I bought a postcard which had these words: “Fear knocked on my door. Faith answered. There was nobody left outside.” Yes, I believe that God loves us with and endless love! And with immense gratitude in my heart, I can only say: Thank you!


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