Zero Hunger Challenge

Jeannette Dimech writes:

On Thursday, 22nd August, the Teens4Unity group went to the Millennium Chapel, in Paceville, in order to donate food items collected as part of the Zero Hunger Challenge. We were given a conducted tour of the centre and a very interesting explanation by Ivana Restall, one of the volunteers, about the services provided.

We also had a hands-on experience whereby the teens could help in the sorting out the clothes and toys in the distribution area. It was certainly a great opportunity for increasing our awareness of the needs of the people around us and a boost to live for a just and united world.

About the Millennium Centre

The Millennium Chapel, aside from being place of quiet prayer in the midst of Paceville, has a number of volunteers who help sort out clothes for those who cannot afford to keep themselves warm. It cares for about 220 families who are regularly supported with basic necessitates such as food, clothes and blankets. More information:



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