A Christmas of goodness

Christmas greetings by Maria Voce, President of the Focolare Movement.

Happy Christmas, Happy Christmas to you all!

For sure this Christmas, in a pandemic year! Christmas in the midst of a pandemic. We see terrible things, poverty to the point of starvation and increasing hunger in many places; we see wars that are partly hidden, partly ongoing; we see climate disasters, changes that are putting our common home at risk.

And so all this makes us say: Jesus came into this world; Jesus came; he became a human person and he took charge of this world, and he came by way of love to show us his love. And so, on the one hand it makes us feel humble before the greatness of this love, and grateful to him who has shown us this love. And on the other hand, it urges us to do something like him, it urges us to look around, to reach out to everyone, starting with the most marginalised, the poorest, humblest, most abandoned, migrants, those who are alone, the sick, children, all those in need. And he also urges us to love them with all that we can: by sharing our affection, our thoughts, our communion of goods and even taking risks at times, risking our lives as he did,

And so this will truly be a Happy Christmas, that is, a good Christmas, a Christmas of goodness, a Christmas that because it’s goodness also becomes a Christmas of peace, hope and joy. Happy Christmas to you all.

Maria Voce

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