“I want to see her again in you”

The following passage, written by Chiara Lubich, refers to an episode that occurred in a private chapel in Rome, during which she understood in a new way the call to be a presence of Mary on earth.

“I went into church one day,
and with my heart full of trust, I asked:
‘Why did you wish to remain on earth,
on every point of the earth,
in the most blessed Eucharist,
and you, you who are God,
have not found
also a way to to leave here
Mary, the Mother of all of us who are on our journey?’
In the silence He seemed to reply:
‘I have not left her because I want to see her again in you.
Even if you are not immaculate, my love will virginise you,
and you, all of you,
will open your arms and hearts as mothers of humanity,
which, as in times past, thirsts for God
and for his Mother.
It is you who now must ease pains, soothe wounds, dry tears,
Sing her litanies
and strive to mirror yourself them.'”

December 18, 1957


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