How beautiful the Mother

Meditation by Chiara Lubich on how we can live the silence of Mary and at the same time speak to evangelize as Jesus did.

“Mater Cristi”, Ave Cerquetti, Centre Art, Loppiano, Italy

Our Mother is so beautiful in her continuous recollection as shown us by the Gospel: “But Mary treasured all these words and pondered them in her heart” (Lk 2:19).
That full silence fascinates the soul who loves.
How can I live like Mary in her mystical silence when our vocation at times is to speak in order to evangelize?
Our Mother also spoke. And she gave Jesus. There has never been a greater apostle in the world. No one ever spoke such words as she, who gave the Word.
And she kept silent. She kept silent because the two could not speak at once. The word must always rest against a silence, like a painting against a background.
She kept silent because she was a creature. For nothingness does not speak. But upon that nothingness Jesus spoke and said: himself.
God, Creator and All, spoke upon the nothingness of the creature.
How then can I live Mary, how can my life be perfumed by her beauty?
By silencing the creature in me, and upon this silence letting the Spirit of the Lord speak.
In this way I live Mary and I live Jesus. I live Jesus upon Mary. I live Jesus by living Mary.

Chiara Lubich

Original and complete text: New City Press, Chiara Lubich, Essential Writings p 137-138


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