• Words of Life

    Words of Life

    The volume of Words of Life is more than a commentary on the gospel message, it is a charismatic reading, an intuition, and an invitation to put the words of Scripture into practice in everyday …
  • New City Magazine

    New City Magazine

    New City is an expression of the Focolare Movement, which takes as its inspiration Jesus’ prayer to the Father ‘May they all be one’ (Jn 17: 21). [...]
  • Chiara Lubich – Prophet of Unity

    Chiara Lubich – Prophet of Unity

    By Maurizio Gentilini. This biography aims at presenting Chiara Lubich’s life and work from a ‘historical’ perspective, offering the reader a rich and well-documented development of facts, situations and experiences. [...]
  • The Incarnation of the Light

    The Incarnation of the Light

    A commentary on the 12 points of Focolare spirituality of unity. By Pasquale Foresi [...]
  • DVD: “Chiara Lubich: Love Conquers All”

    DVD: “Chiara Lubich: Love Conquers All”

    Portraying the life of Chiara Lubich, the founder of the Focolare Movement, this powerful movie tells the dramatic story of the spiritual and human adventure of a young teacher from Trento, Italy. [...]

The Word of Life, a sentence of Scripture, is offered monthly as a guide and inspiration for daily life. The commentary to the Word of Life is translated into 96 different languages and dialects and reaches more than 14 million people worldwide through print, radio and TV media.

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Fruits of Living the Word

  • brings light to our life
  • makes us free
  • guarantees happiness
  • gives us peace
  • purifies us
  • is effective
  • obtains everything
  • brings about union with God
  • gives us hope of eternal life
  • makes us one
  • builds community

Meetings meetings are held in various parts of Malta where the Word of Life is reflected on and experiences on living it are shared.

Please write to the Focolare Centre for more details