The new governing body of the Focolare Movement

The governing body of the Focolare Movement consists of the president, Margaret Karram (Holy Land) and the co-president, Jésus Moran (Spain), together with 22 general councillors and Noreen Lockhart (Great Britain) and Flavio Roveré (Brazil), who were elected by their respective sections as responsible for the women and men focolarini worldwide.

The 22 councillors elected by the General Assembly 2021 come from 17 countries and 4 continents. They are aged between 52 and 70 years and represent the multiculturalism that distinguishes the Focolare. Many of them have lived not only in their country of origin but also in other geographical contexts. This is important in order to understand the characteristics, needs and challenges of the countries in which those who recognize themselves in the Focolare’s message of unity live.

According to the Movement’s General Statutes, the task of this body is “to ensure and increase unity throughout the Movement, directing it towards the fulfilment of its aims and taking care of coordination among its various parts.”

On Tuesday 2 March, President Margaret Karram gave the elected councillors the new areas of responsibility to follow in the life of the Movement both in its different aspects and in its different geographical areas.

On this occasion she reiterated her desire that the “Centre of the Movement”, like all its governing bodies, be characterized by a profound spirit of fraternal service born of mutual evangelical love.


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