Every idea is a responsibility

The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted programs, systems and procedures in all areas of human life. In every place there is a great need for creativity to find new answers to the challenges posed by this situation. Something that Chiara Lubich suggested back in 1983 is very up-to-date.

God speaks in us in various ways and among these are the inspirations of the Holy Spirit. We must, therefore, serve God by following the guidance of the gentle voice of the Spirit that speaks in us.

The Holy Spirit! The Third Divine Person who is God just as the Father is God and the Word of God is too! The Holy Spirit is in the heart of all Christians, and therefore in my heart too. He is in the heart of my brothers and sisters. (…)

Let’s become attentive and assiduous pupils of this great Teacher. Let’s pay great attention to his mysterious and delicate promptings. Let’s not put aside anything that might be one of his inspirations.

In the early days of our Movement we made great progress by putting into practice the motto “Every idea is a responsibility”. Therefore, let’s remember that the ideas that come to mind in someone who has chosen to love are often inspirations of the Holy Spirit.

Why does he give them to us? For our own good and for the good of the world through us, so that we can take forward our revolution of love.

So let’s be attentive and consider every idea, especially if we think it might be an inspiration, as our responsibility, to be grasped and put into practice.

In this way, we will have found a really good way of loving, honouring and thanking the Holy Spirit.

Chiara Lubich

(From a conference call, Mollens, Switzerland, 1st September 1983)

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