Margaret Karram: Respect for human rights through dialogue and reconciliation

Statement issued by the President of the Focolare Movement following the outbreak of violence in the Holy Land on 7 October 2023: “Justice, dialogue and reconciliation, indispensable tools for building peace”.

8 October 2023

There are no words that can express the infinite suffering that I have in my heart for the peoples of Israel and Palestine, a suffering, brought about by this recent outburst of violence in my country. I am thinking of those who have died, the people who have been wounded, of those who are being held hostage, of those who are missing and their families.

In deep faith and together with all the Focolare Movement, I am united with the appeal of Pope Francis and that of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, and with the words of peace spoken both by those who are responsible for various Christian Churches and by the leaders of World Religions – especially those from the Israeli-Palestinian region – in asking for there to be an end to violence. And as Pope Francis said at the Angelus today, that people can understand that “terrorism and war don’t solve anything, but that every war is a defeat.”

In praying to the God of Peace and of Justice, I am also united to all the people throughout the world who are offering prayers, sufferings and actions, so that peace can be victorious over hatred and terror. I want to express a special thanks to those who have written to me from places that are in conflict, like Ukraine, expressing their offerings and closeness, in spite of the tragic situation in which they themselves have been living for over a year.

Let us commit ourselves to building a world of fraternity and to do all that is possible so that these peoples and all the others who are in the same conditions of instability and violence, can rediscover the pathway of respect for human rights, where justice, dialogue and reconciliation are the indispensable instruments for building peace.

Margaret Karran
President of the Focolare Movement



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