A Christmas tree for the refugees

Anna with Francis Scifo at Bon Pastur

When Miriam told us she had a large seven foot Christmas tree which she wished to donate, I immediately started thinking how to make the best use of it. I had been wondering how to bring Christmas love to the refugees at Bon Pastur home, Balzan. We visit them once a month, and for Christmas usually we have a small party. But with Covid-19 this would not be possible this year.

Suddenly I realised, what Jesus wanted-a Christmas tree for the Bon Pastur home, where 250 refugees live, they are young families with babies and children. They would surely appreciate a little Christmas cheer in their home. Miriam was very glad when I told her. Francis, the administrator of the home was also very welcoming.

So I took the tree, and told him I wished it to be put up at the entrance, so that all the refugees would lighten their hearts, and the hearts of the passers-by. Giuliana, another friend promptly offered the decorations, and Jane quipped in with the lights. Elizabeth, my Anglican friend, who also joins us on our monthly visits, came along with gifts for all. We managed to greet an Eritrean father with his four year old daughter when we went there, and the Serbian security guard took photos of us in front of the tree. We all came back home with our hearts overflowing with joy.

How true it is what Pope Francis tells us that the true Christmas spirit is felt when we go out of our selves for others, as Jesus did for us, especially for the poorer and more marginalised members of our society.



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