“Letters 1939-1960”: Getting to know Chiara Lubich through her letters

A volume of Chiara Lubich’s works entitled “Letters 1930-1960” has been on sale in Italian bookshops for several months. We spoke to Florence Gillet from the Chiara Lubich Centre, a theologian and scholar of the Focolare Movement, who is the editor of the publication.

The book contains 338 letters (a selection of the many letters written by Chiara Lubich) that bring the reader into direct contact with the early years of the nascent Focolare Movement and the development of its charism. “I advise everyone to make the effort,” Florence continues, “to start reading from the introduction, to grasp the key to the reading, and then continue with the letters, one by one, in an orderly way, letting them ‘speak to the heart’”.

The reader will find letters to individuals, letters to growing communities, letters to members of her family; They will find other letters that are more doctrinal, in which Chiara explains her newfound ideal. “Producing this book has been a fascinating project,” she concludes, “and I think readers will find it fascinating too”.

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