Taking the initiative to love

“(…) At one time society at its basis was fundamentally Christian, and a clear distinction could be made between good and evil. It is not so today. In the name of a freedom which is not true freedom, good and evil, observance and non-observance of the Commandments are all put on the same plane. We are living in a new kind of desert, where what has suffered
bombardment are not homes, churches, and other buildings, but instead, moral law, and consequently, individual consciences.

What can be done about this? Are we without arms in our battle to bring the forgiveness and love of Christ to a world which takes so little account of the reality of sin? No, we are not without weapons. This desecrated world has a countenance for us: Jesus Forsaken, in whom the sacred and the divine is completely hidden. In every negative situation, we see a reflection of Him; God who is abandoned by God. It is in His name and in our love for Him that we will find the strength to love what today appears so despicable. With the fire of love aflame in our hearts, and like our God who always takes the initiative, we will reach out to those we meet along our way. God, in us, will reawaken and enlighten consciences, instill contrition, bring back hope, inflame with enthusiasm, giving a desire to many, dead as they are, to be brought to life in Christ.

Therefore, the Word of Life in the month of January places before us three objectives: to keep the fire burning in our hearts; to be the first to love; to not measure our love but to love without limits. In this way we bring many to live our ideal, which is to live Christ.

Only if we live on this level can we be in line with what the Scriptures ask of us this month. I’ll conclude with the most ardent wish that you all have a most holy new year, rich in graces. It is the fourth year of our Holy Journey.”

Chiara Lubich

(from a Conference Call, 3 January 1985)

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