Jesus wants to give us true peace

On January 1st, on the occasion of the 55th World Day of Peace, Pope Francis stated in his message that: “Dialogue means listening to each other, discussing, agreeing and walking together. Fostering all this between generations means tilling the hard and sterile ground of conflict and waste to cultivate the seeds of lasting and shared peace”.

Chiara Lubich in this passage also invites us to establish relationships of dialogue in order to arrive at true peace.

“Jesus came to build totally new relationships between people, between man and woman, between boy and girl, between husband and wife, between parents and children, between teachers and pupils, between workers and employers, between employees and managers, between citizens and rulers, between race and race, between people and people, between state and state.

Jesus wants to build a new social order, based on justice, respect and true human fraternity. Jesus wants to give us, as individuals and as a community, true peace, that divine peace that he alone can give.

But, for this to happen, it is necessary to follow him, even if at first sight he seems to be so demanding. It is necessary to live his Word, each one in the condition of life in which he was called.”

Chiara Lubich

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