Focolare Open Day: “Lejn Dinja Magħquda”

“Lejn Dinja Magħquda” (Towards a United World) was the title of the “Focolare Open Day” held in Malta on 6 November 2022.

We awaited this well-attended event with great joy. In the weeks leading up to it, so many of us tried to give not only the time and effort to prepare it with great care, but also to promote it with all the means at our disposal. We wanted to make this meeting an opportunity to show, even if in a small way, that the reality of a united world is possible.

And this encouraged us to be bold and creative in the style of the program prepared for this meeting, which was attended by young and old. Also present was the Archbishop’s Delegate for the Laity and a collaborator for the Diocesan youth.

Following an introductory session held in one of the meeting rooms at MCAST – the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology – which proved to be a modern and welcoming environment, those present were invited to participate in the various workshops which catered for the different age groups: spirituality, music, art, outdoor games, youth activities and the human library.

The goal “towards a united world” was kept in mind for the format of each workshop. It was wonderful to see adults, young people and children working together in the various groups. This in itself was a tangible witness to building a sense of family among everyone.

Here is some feedback we received:

“It was truly a beautiful day, in a very pleasant environment. I went around and noticed that everyone was involved. A young girl summed it up to me by saying, ‘I’m really happy to be here’.

“The program was well prepared and responded to today’s needs. Everyone enjoyed the activities. I took part in the spirituality workshop and the brief reflections and personal stories that were shared during the session were very profound.”

“I was in the singing group where I had the opportunity to meet new people. I felt it was a great opportunity to be together and build unity; it gave us the hope that a united world is possible.”

“The idea that everyone could freely move from one workshop to another was successful. In the ‘Human Library’ wonderful experiences were shared and everyone could identify with the day’s theme .”

At the end of all the activities, we all came together again in a plenary session. We started off by reciting the Time-out prayer for peace, and then some participants shared about their respective workshops: it was a concrete testimony that unity harmonises all diversities. While aware that the road to unity is difficult, we felt that love is the key to building the human family and this in turn generates peace and joy in the world.

Compiled by the Focolare events committee

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