What to expect from the Listening Points?

While most of the members of the Western European “Listening Points” are professionals in the fields of psychology or psychotherapy, they have volunteered solely because of their experience in listening.

Each member of the Listening Points acts on a voluntary basis and is guided by the following principles:

  • Any member of the Listening Point can be contacted via email.
  • Anyone who contacts a Listening Point will be offered up to three sessions as an opportunity to share and explore their experience and see what actions may be required.
  • After three sessions, advice can be offered to find further assistance.
  • All conversations will take place in the strictest confidence. However, in the case of a disclosure of any type of serious crime, it may not be possible to maintain confidentiality. This would be discussed with the person making such a disclosure and links may be made with local safeguarding teams if needed to safeguard the well-being of the person.
  • All are independent of the governance structures of the Movement.

The members of the Western European Listening Point carry out their listening task individually but are assisted and facilitated by a consultant in the person of Dr Gabriele Muller. Without breaching the obligation of confidentiality, the consultant will have an annual meeting with the Co-Directors of the Focolare Movement in Western Europe to highlight structural and spiritual issues and to suggest appropriate preventive measures.

Who are the members of the Listening Points Team?

Gabriele Müller – Listening Point Consultant

  • Doctor in anesthesia, pain therapy, palliative medicine and acupuncture with a specialization in theme-centric interaction based on the Depth Psychology at the Simone Weil Institute as well as in communication psychology at the Schultzvon-Thun Institute.
  • Works as an associate in the medical management team of the Rhein-Main Pain Therapy and Palliative Care Centre in Wiesbaden and Frankfurt.
  • Born in 1964, she lives in a focolare in Frankfurt am Main.
  • Has no leadership role in the Focolare Movement.
Dr Toni Martín

  • Doctor specializing in psychosomatic pathology: emotional disorders and somatic pain.
  • Behavioural cognitive psychotherapist (Albert Ellis Institute) and a clinical sexologist and couples therapist since 1985.
  • Member of the Steering Committee of the Collegial Section of Medical Sexology of the Official College of Doctors of Barcelona.
  • Teaches the Masters’ course in Clinical Sexology and Sexual Health at the University of Barcelona, specializing in sexual addiction and paraphilias.
  • Mindfulness instructor (MBSR).
  • Lecturer and advocate for mental health issues.
  • Born in 1955 in Barcelona where he lives.
  • A member of the Focolare Movement.

Dr Angela Manning

  • Retired Consultant Clinical and Clinical Neuropsychologist BA MA D.ClinPsych.
  • Worked as a consultant clinical and clinical neuropsychologist with the British National Health Service since 1989.
  • Worked as the professional lead/ head of service in mental health rehabilitation, outpatient psychiatric clinics, inpatient psychiatric services and older peoples psychiatric/neuropsychiatric services.
  • Held the head of service positions variably covering borough wide outpatient psychology, inpatient and transition psychological services across three major London hospitals (including being the lead for disciplines allied to psychology).
  • Main areas of interest and expertise are trauma with a special focus on refugee and war trauma, transcultural psychology and brain injury/developmental and degenerative conditions.
  • Has considerable experience in the treatment of people with psychosis and personality disorder and in training others in working with these conditions.
  • A member of the Focolare Movement.

Dr Elvira Mira García

  • Graduated in psychology from the University of Seville (1986).
  • Work experience has focused on the field of Clinical Psychology.
  • In private practice of clinical intervention focused on the individual attention of the disease in adults, children and couples (Since 1988).
  • Has held courses, seminars and conferences mainly in the fields of ‘Couple communication’, ‘Education to values’, ‘Dialogue’, ‘Adoption and Adolescence’.
  • In recent years she has been part of the ‘Itinerarios de Luz’ team for workshops for couples in crisis.
  • A member of the Focolare Movement.

Dr Anthony Dimech

  • Consultant in General Adult and Addiction Psychiatry.
  • Cognitive Hypnotherapist (General Hypnotherapy Register, UK).
  • Visiting Senior Lecturer at the University of Malta.
  • Masters in Addiction at King’s College, London (2006).
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for serious mental health problems at the University of Southampton (2007).
  • Double accreditation as a Specialist in General Adult and Addiction Psychiatry from the Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board, UK (2008).
  • Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy (2015).
  • Currently reading for a PhD in comprehensive individualised assessments and cognitive hypnotherapy for people with addictive behaviours based on the concept of autonomy.
  • A member of the Focolare Movement.

Dr Susana Costa Ramalho

  • PhD in Psychology at the University of Lisbon and Coimbra (2015).
  • Master in Psychology with specialization in Stress and Wellness (2008).
  • Degree in Psychology (1996, Psychotherapy and Counselling) at the University of Lisbon.
  • Specialization in Cognitive-Behavioural Psychotherapy (CBT), with subsequent training in Emotion Focused Psychotherapy.
  • Recognized by the Order of Portuguese Psychologists as a Specialist in Clinical and Health Psychology and Community Psychology.
  • Adult trainer since 2000.
  • University lecturer since 2004.
  • Invited Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Human Sciences of the Catholic University of Portugal since September 2017, where she currently coordinates the Institute of Family Sciences and the Advanced Training Course in Family Orientation and Referral and is a member of the team of the CUIDAR project – the university outreach program whose objective is to promote the development of a culture of protection and care in Institutions.
  • Researcher at the CRCW – Catholic Research Centre for Psychological, Family and Social Welfare, in the line of resilient and safe societies, families and individuals, under the theme of Family adaptation and development processes.
  • Not a close member of the Focolare Movement.

How can they be contacted?

General enquiries info.puntoascolto.euoccident@gmail.com
English angela.listeningpoint.euoccident@gmail.com
Spanish elvira.puntodeescucha.euoccident@gmail.com
Spanish toni.puntodeescucha.euoccident@gmail.com
Portuguese susana.pontodeescuta.euoccident@gmail.com
Italian/English/Maltese anthony.puntoascolto.euoccident@gmail.com

Downloadable consent form (to be completed and attached to email upon first contact):
Consent to participate in a Listening Point


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