The Incarnation of the Light

Published by New City (UK)

Copies available from the Focolare Centre in Kappara – 15

A commentary on the 12 points of the spirituality of unity

The charismatic gifts that God bestows from age to age on the world are always linked to specific circumstances and persons who act as mediators of those gifts at the service of the Church and of humanity.

Pasquale Foresi, the first focolarino priest and its first co-president, is in a certain way such a person. The founder of the Focolare Movement, Chiara Lubich, always recognised in him a particular plan of God, namely that of the incarnation, i.e. the task of giving tangible expression to the many intuitions that the Holy Spirit inspired her with.

The texts that this book offers would like to help all of us assume responsibility for incarnating the prayer of Jesus, ‘that all may be one’, according to the multiplicity of gifts that God has given us. They highlight the twelve points of the ‘spirituality of unity’ of the Focolare Movement that flow from that prayer.
1 God-Love
2 The will of God
3 The Word
4 Love for our neighbour
5 Mutual love
6 The Eucharist
7 Unity
8 Jesus forsaken
9 Mary
10 The Church
11 The Holy Spirit
12 Jesus in our midst

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