Mariapolis 2023: “Joy and Hope – is there space for them in our life today?”

What is this flurry of activity at the Focolare Centre in Kappara? There is a new excitement and a sense of expectation after the silent period of Covid-19 quarantine. It is due to the preparations for this year’s Mariapolis!

What is the Mariapolis?

The Mariapolis is an experience of community comprising persons of all ages, from all walks of life who are invited to come together for a weekend and to share an experience of true Christian living.

The theme for this year’s Mariapolis is: “Joy and Hope – is there space for them in our life today?” A series of talks, workshops and activities, all dedicated to this theme, form part of the weekend’s program.

The Mariapolis will be held at the Seabank Resort and Spa, Mellieħa Bay Bay, Mellieħa Bay, from Friday 17th March, from 6pm, until Sunday 19th March, up to 1pm.

God makes all things new. May this Mariapolis renew us all in preparation for Easter.

Anna Caruana Colombo



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