Living the charism of unity today

16 July 2023

Dearest everyone,

The 7th of December 2023 will mark the eightieth anniversary of the birth of the Focolare Movement, and as we approach this date, I have a question that has been close to my heart for some time: “What does it mean today to live the charism of unity?”

I felt the desire to recollect myself, to search deeply and to go back to the roots so as to understand what God wants to tell us, as we renew the Pact of Unity that was first made by Chiara and Igino Giordani (Foco). So, I asked Piero Coda to offer us his reflection on the relevance of the Pact, so that we can live it today with greater awareness and in a more radical way.

I would like each of us to look up to Heaven, to look at everything we have received from God and to draw Love from him, the One who is the source of Life.

Margaret Karram

Read spiritual reflection by Msgr Piero Coda (Secretary General of the International Theological Commission)

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